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Sure, tasting the traditional dishes each country has to offer is a must in every travel, but I also find it a must to try what the local McDo has put on market. Mc Donald’s has evolved its basic menu of burgers and fries to cater to the food preference of each country where it is present. Here in the Philippines, we have Mc Chicken and Spaghetti combo, which I thought was not weird at all, but turns out that it is usually in included in online articles about unusual Mc Do food items.

Here’s a rundown on my Mc Do experience so far:

#1 HK’s Prosperity Burger (2015)


Too cute to eat (taken from my IG: @merylnuggets)

HK for Hong Kong’s Hello Kitty! Trust me this is a legit beef burger, so spicy, so tasty. Not made with any “cat meat” at all :p. It is oblong in shape, in a sesame seed topped bun, garnished with white onions for that extra crunch. Perfect with Twister Fries. This is commonly on sale during Chinese New Year Season, and the value meal is around HKD 29. We ate this as a midnight snack, our first meal in Hong Kong.

#2 Indonesia’s Bubur Ayam (2016)


Breakfast at Mc Do Jogja

Bubur Ayam is a Chicken Rice Porridge. This meal is actually a Mc Breakfast meal, as an addition to the usual Hotcakes and Mc Muffin. The taste is similar to congee, with fried chicken bits, fried garlic bits and spring onions for added flavor, topped with sunny side up egg. The meal comes with coffee or softdrink, but I chose to pair it with Tehbotol, the popular jasmine tea drink in Indonesia. Cost is IDR 13,000, roughly PHP 46 or USD 1.

#3 Thailand’s Khao Nam Tok Gai (2014)


Tired from shopping at Pratunam? Head to Mc Do Big C afterwards

Roughly translated it means “Thai Style Meat Rice”, with Thai Style meaning SPICY! The egg actually balances the spiciness of the chicken meat. The chicken is breaded, then deep fried, topped with the spicy sauce. The chili sauce has basil on it. Focusing on the size of the drink this THB 69 (~PHP 100/USD 2) meal comes with, I’m telling you that this should have been upsized! I ended up buying another drink, Nestea Thai Milk Tea, served at Mc Do as well just to get rid of that spicy taste. I loved this dish though, perfect after a day of BKK shopping.

#4 SG’s Spicy Shrimp Burger with Sweet Potato Fries (2015)


During Changi T2 Layover

Mc Donald’s SG was offering limited edition Hello Kitty plushies for SGD 5 for every value meal. Seems that Mc Do loves Hello Kitty so much. While waiting for my next flight, and to avoid falling asleep since this was at around 1:30 am, I decided to just spend my remaining SGD to eat something new, and to get my hands on that plush. For me, this is actually pricey for fastfood, a total of SGD 13 (~PHP 440/USD 10), including the SGD 5 HK limited edition stuffed toy. Good thing I enjoyed the burger, it’s huge, spicy and the shrimp patty is very crunchy. The best part was the sauce, I was thinking of requesting for an extra to make it as a dip for the fries. Initially, I did not know that the fries were made of sweet potato, I thought they were orange due to an added flavoring, like cheese or something. I am not a fan of sweet potato or “camote” in Filipino, so I ended up not finishing it.

Apart from these Mc Meals, sometimes I just opt to try something normal to be safe, or to save more money to buy something else. I have had others such as the 100-Yen chicken fillet in Mc Donald’s Japan, and chicken wings of Thailand, but no more pics though. Moving forward, I’ll make sure to eat the more unique dishes and take photos, maybe not just those of Mc Donald’s but those of other fastfoods as well. I see that KFC is very different too in other countries.


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