Quick Getaway

What happens when your friends have varied schedules, commitments, workloads and you want to get together?


The easiest activity to organize is to have dinner somewhere.

But that wouldn’t work for us because we have different shifts.

Next option, have a staycation.

But being the grannies that we are, the ending is that we’d all just fall asleep. And personally, I think that if we have the money to spend on a posh city hotel with a pool, then I’d just spend the same amount to go out of town.

Last resort, organize a day trip out of town, but with the following conditions:

  1. Must not be too early (to avoid being with grumpy friends with no sleep yet)
  2. Must not end too late (since we’re no longer young to stay up that late)
  3. Must not be too expensive, meaning around PHP 1K-ish (with inflation and all, this is actually hard to meet)

Nevertheless, we were fortunate to find THE ONE considering how choosy we were.

Last March 19, the six of us had a quick getaway at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa, Antipolo. Only two hours away from Manila, and at PHP 1,100 for access to all pools, fish spa, sauna with free snacks, it’s as if it has been made just for us. Perfect!

We were welcomed by the staff at Loreland Resort, where Luljetta’s is, and while waiting for our friends, we were served with their welcome snack which is Fried Suman (Rice Cake) with mangoes and Iced Americano (you can opt for Lemongrass Tea too).

The site says: “Antipolo’s Finest Suman” And yes it was.

The dining area is quite big, the restaurant is just one of many in the resort. They do have other dining options to choose from, which are located near the pools.

After eating we explored the area, and tried each of the amenities. You may call this #LegDay, since going around the area requires going through several staircases.

Friends in batik (they let you use it for free)

It was so sunny but the water was so cold. We couldn’t stand it at first, but somehow we got used to it. The first pool we tried was the hydro massage pool. I didn’t feel the “massage” part that much, one suggestion I have is for them to “intensify the bubbling power” of the pool and to at least warm it up a bit.

Hydro “massage” pool

Next stop: Fish Spa. I just took photos of my friends while they were having the fishes eat their callouses and dead skin away. I tried but I get this creepy feeling when fishes attack!

I took a picture of a seemingly striking quote: “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” If you are the hugot-lovin’ type, then this place is for you. There are a lot of inspirational, well, but more on love quotes all over the place.

Now that their feet are baby soft, we decided to bathe again in one of the pools where the sauna and jacuzzi were. Going there, we saw two hangout areas, with day beds and pillows. I like the ambiance it brings, so homey, so comfy, if we had more time, I would’ve stayed there to sleep.

Place for R&R

Love birds and another quote

To end the day, we enjoyed the infinity pool, and at least here, the water is warm enough. If Marina Bay Sands is too expensive for us now, I guess this will do.

Luljetta’s Infinity Pool

Overall, being at Luljetta’s was a fun experience. If only there weren’t many people on that day, I highly suggest this place if one wants to relax and have some quiet time. A few tips:

  1. Opt for weekdays to make the most out of the peace and relaxation this place has to offer.
  2. In their main restaurant, go for the Blueberry Cheesecake. It was surprisingly good!
  3. Go in the afternoon, to see the beautiful lights at night.

Would I come back? Well, yes, though more pricey than usual resorts, I prefer the privacy here, and the ample space for relaxation and reflection.





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